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About Us

Bright Lights, Efficiently since 2009.

What makes us standout


Strong Foundation, Quality Products

At Eco Light Up we have a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise. For over 9 years we have been in operation, and manufacturing quality energy efficient products for over 7 years strong.


Reputable & Fully Certified

Eco Light Up is an accredited provider under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Government Rebate Scheme. Our products meet Australian ACMA C-TICK quality and safety standards and all LED upgrades are performed by A-Grade electricians.


Top Energy Efficiency Certificate Creator

We have been operating under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme since 2012; in that time Eco Light Up has become one of the top VEET Certificate Creators in Australia.

Our Work Process



Push the boundaries of energy efficient technology, to discover new ways to save energy and the environment



Use quality materials in the manufacturing and design of LED Lights, tailored to consumer needs and VEEC Creators market



Launch our products, projects and energy saving solutions into action

Our Accomplishments

Businesses Upgraded
Product Development
Innovative Products
Tonnes Carbon Offset

Our Mission

Our core beliefs and mission.

Quality Energy Efficient Products

We have a firm belief in creating energy efficient lighting without sacrificing lighting quality. All our lights meet Australian Electrical Safety Standards and are of the highest quality in both design and lighting output.

Leading innovation

To Eco Light Up, it is essential that we push the boundaries of energy efficient technology. We strive to lead innovation in lighting industry and continue to improve on our products in efficiency and design.

Saving Money and the environment

We strive to create products that can save Australian Consumers money on the energy consumption, whilst also reducing carbon emissions across the Nation. As a result, we have 37+ LED products that are fully approved under Government Rebate schemes.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the highest priorities within Eco Light Up. In both our wholesale and commercial upgrades sector, we believe in providing quality products, with excellent customer service.




“We have had three of our sites upgraded to LED with Eco Light Up. Our old high bays and fluorescent lights were changed to LED and installed at no cost. Their service was fantastic. Cannot thank them enough”

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