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Your Upgrade

The LED Commercial Upgrade is based on a state government incentive that aims to reduce energy consumption and meet State energy targets. This involves government subsidised upgrades to more energy efficient lighting, passing the savings onto businesses that qualify.

The Upgrade Process



First step is make an enquiry with Eco Light Up via phone or email to arrange a free consultation.


Free On-site Audit

One of our friendly energy upgrade consultants will do a thorough on-site audit. Here we will determine whether your business qualifies for a subsidised upgrade.


Recieve Proposal

After qualifying your business for a lighting upgrade, you will recieve a detailed proposal of your on-site audit.



One of our schedulers will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to install your new LEDs, whilst we recycle your old lights.


Start Saving

After your installation is complete you can begin saving money on you energy consumption. We take care of all the paperwork, whilst you enjoy your new LEDs!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the upgrade free/low cost?

The VEET & IPART scheme is a Victorian and NSW Government initiative promoted as an Energy Saver Incentive. There is no catch as it is all aimed at reaching State Government energy targets by providing financial incentives. 

By providing rebates to efficient lighting products we are able to provide our LED upgrade for free/low cost to businesses that qualify. Eco Light Up processes the most VEECs above all LED upgrade providers, meaning our customers have received the most returns at little to no cost to the consumer.

What is VEET?

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive. It was established under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 (the Act) and commenced on 1 January 2009. It is legislated to continue in three-year phases until 1 January 2030. The purpose of the VEET scheme is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage the efficient use of electricity and gas, and to encourage investment, employment and technology development in industries that supply goods and services which reduce the use of electricity and gas by energy consumers.

To find out more information on VEET visit their website here.

What is IPART?

IPART (Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal) is the NSW State Government Organisation that regulates incentives such as the Energy Savings Scheme. The Energy Savings Scheme creates incentives for organisations to implement energy saving activities. The Scheme reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for organisations in the State to invest in energy savings projects – such as upgrading to energy efficient lighting.

The Energy Savings Scheme is governed by NSW legislation. It places a mandatory obligation on Scheme Participants (Eco Light Up) to obtain and surrender energy savings certificates, which represent energy savings.

For more information you can visit their website here.

What kind of lights can you replace?

With our VEET and IPART subsidised upgrades, approved businesses that qualify per the scheme, we can replace the following type of lights:

  • Mercury Vapor High Bays
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Office mercury vapor and fluorescent lights

For more information on VEET and IPART Upgrades contact us for a free consultation.

How do I know if I qualify?

Eco Light Up has designed its LED upgrade product range to to fit state government subsidy requirements and standards. We strive to provide affordable/free lighting upgrades through the VEET/IPART scheme.

Under the scheme organisations that qualify for a subsidised lighting upgrade will depend on the following:

> Number of lights & type of lights existing
> Type of operating business
> Supporting documentation classifying type of business
> Ceiling height
> Accessibility

What about installation?

Eco Light Up prides itself on it’s full service vertical integration. This includes owning all of our own installation equipment. Unlike most LED upgrade providers, we do not outsource to hire boom or scissor lifts, meaning if you qualify, you can get installation for Free along with your free LED upgrade. 

Eco Light Up uses our very own A-Grade Electricians for your installation that are fully accredited and approved by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. This, along with Eco Light Up’s own fully insured installation equipment, you can rest assured that your LED upgrade will be carried out safely and swiftly by the highest level professionals and equipment in the industry.


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