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Founded in 2008, Eco Light Up has grown from a wholesaler of LED lighting, to become one of the leading suppliers of LED lights across Australia. Since 2012, Eco Light Up began operating under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme (Previously called VEET) and the NSW Energy Saving Scheme to offer subsidised lighting solutions to consumers. Since then we have grown to become one of the largest certificate creators in Australia offering large discounts to clients for quality lighting solutions.


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We are a green energy industry leader, We have been designing, manufacturing and provisioning green energy products since 2008. Our focus is to reduce the carbon footprint of as many businesses as possible.

By being an accredited Victorian Energy Upgrades provider and manufacturing accredited products in this industry, We continue to utilise our expertise to bring real commercial solutions to businesses to encourage them to reduce their power bills without having to change their business process and without any financial burden

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Our Team is constantly utilising the latest advances in technology and seeing how that can be applied to further improve our products, Each new addition offers even more light while utilising less power.


Eco Consulting.

Our consultants can advise your business on products that are best suited for your environment.


LED Upgrades.

Our team of experts, electricians and consultants ensure every client receives
A class treatment, quality products, full-service installation and great aftercare

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